Masiloghi restaurant is in Oliena, a town with a dominant agro-pastoral economy. Oliena is situated in the east-centre of Sardinia, only 10 km far away from Nuoro (the main city) and 25 km far from the sea.

The town stands at the feet of the wonderful Corrasi mountain (1463), the fixed access to the Gennargentu protected area. The uncontaminated beauty of the nature and richness of the archeological sites have turned Oliena into a main touristic town in the last few years.

Masiloghi restaurant is the organ of the arcaic agricultural and pastoral vocation of the territory. It picks up the ancient wine-and-food traditions and enhances their peculiarities linked to the wine, dairy and oil production.
The word Masiloghi comes from the name of an old Oliena's neighbourhood. Masiloghi (a place name of the Proto-Sardinian language), probably, derives from the corruption of the word 'Masaloi', the ancient name given to the Earth Mother, patron of the harvest.
The Masiloghi neighbourhood was considered a sacred area as traces of the presence of a Nuragic spring and a betilo (called Saint Anna's stone) have been found. Here, the people used to perform propitiatory rites to favour both animal and soil fertility.

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