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It feels like being home in this place sorrounded by olive trees.

The whisper of the woods around evokes the whisper of the sea, not so far away from here;
an undertow at the foot of the mountains.
And the light of the sun is melting already, ithdrawing towards the most exposed slopes.

Elio Vittorini ( Viaggio in Sardegna, 1936)

Mainted in the natural frame of Oliena area, at the foot of the uncontaminated Supramonte slopes, Masiloghi Restaurant interprets the traditional Sardinian wine-and-food taste, soaked in nature and in strong flavours, which reminds to a simple and genuine cuisine: bread, oil, wine, roast meat, cheese, freshly made pasta and sweets all prepared by skilled hands.

Masiloghi Restaurant is today one of the most leading restaurants in this field. The best expertise and competence of the staff are put together with the professionalism of the owner, Gianfranco Maccarone who has ripened his experience over the years. As a matter of fact, he presents an example of perfect fusion between the traditional cuisine (which exalts the genuinity and the delicacy of local products) and the more sophisticated one. Everything is set in a magic frame, enriched with scents, colours and rithm to let the guests experience delightful moments.
Even the elegant and sophisticated location reminds to the local traditions. Imagine a room made of stones, reeds and wood and the crackle of the fire together with the sweet wafts of the regional and local wines float in the air.

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